Jen Helmuth

Registered Psychotherapist

A portrait of Jen wearing a green shirt and smiling, standing in front of her office

A little about me

Most of my life's journey has been about discovering how to find moments of joy and what gets in my way. Like you, I don't always find what I'm looking for; I get stuck and sometimes feel tired of it all. That's why have found lots of people, practices and paradigms that shine a light on what brings me joy.

Along the way, I have travelled, worked, studied, parented and played. I approach life and work with a desire for balance, a zest for the creative and a natural curiosity. I’m a long-time enthusiast of spirituality, yoga, health, art, movement, meditation and meaningful connections.

After a 20 year career in Human Resources with an international development non-profit, I took a leap and went back to school for my master's in spiritual care and psychotherapy. This was a great decision, and I've been loving being a psychotherapist since I started practice in 2018.

For the last two and a half years (and continuing) I've been privileged to work with HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre to provide counselling for individuals, families and caregivers experiencing cancer. Right now, I'm taking an intensive Yoga Teacher Training partly to support my clients with body-based healing to supplement talk therapy. I love to learn and am always adding to my skill set and knowledge base.

My approach

Therapy is vulnerable and courageous work. Usually by the time you are ready to try therapy, you have already tried many other things and are at the end of your rope. I believe in a holistic approach that recognizes we are multi-dimensional individuals -- our bodies, our situations, our beliefs, our relationships – all impact our well being. As such, I will look to draw on a range of techniques, experiences and tools to find what resonates with you.

In particular, I draw on positive psychology and a strengths-based and human centered approach. I am particularly interested in the mind-body connection and if desired, we can incorporate mindfulness, breathwork and other movement/body based practices to compliment our talk therapy.

My work is also trauma-informed and I provide a safe and accepting space for individuals from all walks of life, cultures and preferences.

Jen sitting in the armchair in her office holding a cup of coffee

My philosophy

We all have our moments.

Like each square in the picture, each moment is different. At some points in our life, like at the bottom of the picture, it seems like all the moments are the same – dark. I believe that even in those difficult times, we can begin to notice a few moments that are a bit lighter. My philosophy in therapy is that we can cultivate perspective, intention and practices to seek and build lighter moments. So that, gradually, you might notice that more of your moments are more light, like at the top of the picture.

A collection of brown squares, with lighter squares on the left of the image and darker squares on the right.

All we have are moments... so live them as though not one can be wasted. Inhabit them, fill them with the light of your best good intention, honour them with your full presence, find the joy, the calm, the assuredness that allows the hours and the days to take care of themselves. If we can do that, we have lived.”
- Richard Wagamese

A collection of red squares, with lighter squares on the left of the image and darker squares on the right.

My Qualifications

Education & Certifications

MA in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, Wilfred Laurier University
Traumatic Bereavement Course, Wilfred Laurier University
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, The Branches Yoga Studio
Online Counselling Workshop, Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute
Rewire the Anxious Brain Training, Professional Education Systems Institute
Therapeutic Modalities of Mindfulness Certificate, Wilfred Laurier University
ACT for Beginners, Psychwire Online Training
BA Psychology, University of Waterloo
Certificate, Ontario Jubilee Program for Spiritual Deepening, Phase 1
Human Resources Mang't Certificate, Conestoga College

Work History

Therapeutic Counsellor, HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre (through ICC)
2022 to Current
Associate Therapist, Delton Glebe Counselling Centre
2018 to Current
HR Consultant, Freelance
2016 to 2018
Director, Human Resources, MEDA
1994 to 2015

Accreditations & Memberships

Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
Member, Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists
Certified Human Resource Leader, Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario

The Fun Stuff

Yogi in process, Yoga Teacher Training , The Branches Yoga Studio
2023 to Current
Member, Interfaith Grand River Breakfast planning committee
2019 to Current
White Belt in Karate
Devoted Parent
Faithful Friend to a Select Few
1971 to Current
Unrequited Artist, Relentless Party Planner, Improv Chef, Reluctant Preacher, and Continually Awe-Struck Participant in this Strange and Amusing World
1971 to Current